Serta Perfect Sleeper Haddonfield Firm Mattress


The Haddonfield Extra Firm mattress features Serta’s Cool Twist® Gel Memory Foam and premium 886 Custom Support® Firm Individually Wrapped Coil System. This mattress also features an extra-thick layer of Serta Support Foam, which combines gentle cushioning with extra support for more firmness throughout the mattress. Plus, a special innerspring coil gauge design helps create a firmer feel across the mattress when compared to the Haddonfield Plush and Super Pillow Top Plush models.

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  • 886 Custom Support Foam Encased Individually Wrapped Coils

    • This premium design nestles individually wrapped coils in a staggered pattern to balance the perfect amount of body-hugging comfort with outstanding support along your entire body.
  • BestEdge Foam Encasement

    • This advanced encasement system is designed with an extra-deep foam rail design that provides excellent edge support while helping prevent edge roll-off and extends the sleep surface. It has been tested beyond industry standards to ensure durability and long mattress life.
  • Compatible with Adjustable Base

    • This mattress is compatible with an Active Base (sold separately). Whether you are purchasing your adjustable bed base for health reasons, to read, write, watch TV more comfortably, or simply to get a better night’s sleep, this mattress is designed to support your active lifestyle.
  • Cool Balance™ Fabric Technology

    • This soft, comfortable fabric works by regulating the flow of heat from your body, so you feel more comfortable while you sleep. If your body is too hot – the fabric dissipates excess heat. If your body is too cold, the fabric works to ensure that the right amount of heat is kept closer to your body.
  • Cool Twist™ Gel Foam

    • This breathable, gel-enhanced foam gently conforms to your body and works with the entire mattress system to help provide pressure-relieving comfort. The unique design promotes enhanced airflow through the mattress.
  • PillowSoft™ Foam

    • This extra-soft foam gently contours the body to provide enhanced cushioning.
  • Support Foam

    • Support Foam combines gentle cushioning with extra support, for more firmness throughout the mattress.


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